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Item 5976 - 50 lb Cube Filling Line - stainless

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Jacksonville, IL
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Filling line for 50lb cube boxes - stainless steel filler last used for margarine filling. Can be adjusted or other size boxes down to 25 lb. This is an automatic line. Control by Allen Bradley Control Logix plc. Can also be used for shortening filling. Rate was between 5 to 8 cases per minute depending on viscosity. Includes Pearson case erector for KD cases, Pearson bag inserter using roll bags, stainless 2-spout filler on Mettler Toledo load cells, and SV Dice uncuffer case sealer (missing plc and hot melt unit). Probilt hot melt glue. Includes interconnecting conveyors. Line built 2001 - ran until early 2017 - pulled out in Fall 2017. Stored in warehouse. See marketing flyer. We have a dimension drawing for all major pieces. (5976Layout.pdf). For a list of all components for this line - enter "5976cube" in search box.