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Item 7413 - Triplex Plunger Pump, High-Pressure

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Woma High-Pressure Plunger Pump. Type 1502-P20, s/n 0D116061099. Rated at 10.6 gpm (40 l/min). Reconditioned. Does not include motor but motor size would be 55 KW (75HP). This is an 02 series line of pumps which meets ATEX and API standards. The lower speed of this pump assures reliability. Features gear box cooling, and an auxiliary shaft if a second pump is to be added. Max. operating pressure 10,875 PSI, Inlet pressure required 30-75 PSI, nominal flow rate 12.7-17.7 USG. (1800 rev/.min at 3.69m hd) Motor shaft dia 50mm, plunger shaft diameter is 20mm. This type and brand of pump is very popular in high pressure water jet systems and used in other water tool applications. Pump was reconditioned in 2004 - stored in warehouse controlled environment since then. Approx physical 319 kg. We have the spec sheet from the Woma dealer - They have confirmed that parts and service are still available for this model and are supported. They do still make this pump style 1502 but have not offered it under the plunger size of under 26 since 2009.