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Item 7415 - Pulverizer Mill

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Pulvocron PC76
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Pulvocron, a combination pulverizer and classifier built by Bepex in Minneapolis, MN. This piece does not include the classifier. This airswept pulverizer has external fineness adjustment during operation. Size PC76. Model PC-76-A. Powered by GE Electric AC motor, 500HP, 1780 rpm, 460 volts/3/60. Frame 8288S. Mill rated at 600HP, classifier rated at 50 HP. Air movement between 70,000 to 100,000 acfm. This versatile Pulvocron can pulverize in the medium fine,fine, and ultra-fine particle size ranges down to 10 micron top size with only minor adjustment. Actual housing and mechanical moving parts are all stainless steel. Pulvrocron is used in a lot of flour/rice operations. This was removed from a flour plant and was still in use at the time of shut down. Pulvocron was removed early 2013 and the plant was idled in 2010. Condition is good used not much wear internally inside housing. The carbide tips look like they were just replaced before the plant was shut down, they look new Physical size 113" x 197" x 161", weight with motor 35,400 pounds