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Item PK-6999 - Hydrogen Generation Plant (15,000 scfh)

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An excellent condition, small-scale modularized H2 generation plant. This H2 plant was new in 2016 and was only operated for 2-years by owner - idled and mothballed under nitrogen blanket. Capacity is 15,000 scfh (395 Nm3h). Purity 99.999% with product at 200 psig. Includes fully automatic process control system with workstation. Waste heat boiler exports 600 #/hr steam at 240 psig; gas train and monitoring controls included. Modular - easy to move on 2 trucks. It is ready to install - without need for refurbishment or rebuild. This small H2 plant is a well-proven, Steam Methane Reformer (SMR) type design that produces very low-cost, high-purity Hydrogen. The H2 plant is constructed to ASME, ANSI, NFPA codes. Physical size: approx 46 feet x 13 feet in two (2) modules x 47.8 ft tall assembled. Natural gas compressor, hydrogen compressor if a higher pressure is required, and spare parts kit are available as options. Specifications, drawings and details are in our Virtual Data Room (VDR) available on request. We can offer full turnkey relocation if desired.