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Item fp100 - Methanol Mixed Alcohols System

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Soperton, GA
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Mixed Alcohols and/or Crude Methanol Production - NOW SELLING individual modules and pieces of equipment. Mostly disassembled and in pieces - Click the links for listing of all equipment. Partial Plant & System: Fischer-Tropsch process. LIKE NEW - only ran 42 partial days. Surplus to the ongoing operation. Produced Mixed Alcohols. Catalytic Conversion of Organic Alcohols. Originally designed for 125 TPD woody biomass input, for 5 MGY (million gallons per year) methanol output. Plant was designed to convert biomass gas into organic alcohols using the Fischer-Tropsch Process. It is a pentane based batch azeotrope separation system. The wood yard , gasifier, and reformer system are not part of this sale. However, most Fischer-Tropsch process equipment and systems downstream are included: Quench, Gas Cleanup, Compression (2 sets), Catalytic Converter, Alcohol cooling/compression. Equipment was purchased in 2009 and installed in 2009/2010. Manuals, drawings available. Price includes all structure and instruments, but does not include removal. We can remove and load for you if desired as an option. See flyer for complete arrangement and details. We will break up into separate pieces of equipment. PLEASE NOTE: Many pieces have now been removed although the photos still show installed. Compressors will have to be reconditioned. We can walk you through this - all pieces are still there.