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Item 4560 - Filling Line Margarine
Margarine Filling
Complete Line

Complete margarine packaging line designed to fill bag in box sizes from 10 pounds to 50 pounds. Includes case erector, bag inserter, dual head load cell filler and controller, case sealer, metal detector, Krones Cartina labeler, Marsh case code dater and all interconnecting stainless steel case conveyor. NOTE: Detailed Descriptions of each of these are listed separately. Enter pmarg in search box.

Item 5350 - Hydrogen Generating Plant
Hydro Chem

Hydro Chem hydrogen generating plant, pressure swing adsorption type. Capacity is 30,000 SCFH. Reformer designed with 8 tubes (6 installed) and a ground mounted waste heat boiler. There are 4 psa columns. The waste heat boiler provides approximately 2 tons/hr of steam export at 290 psig. The high pressure gas compressor is a 60HP Gardner Denver. System is still installed but will have to be reconditioned. System includes all controls, valves pipes. Plant idled in 2015.

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