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Item 6001 - Decanter P-3400 3-Phase

3-phase decanter Sharples P3400 Super-D-Canter. Bowl dimensions 14" x 48", beach angle 10 degree. Max speed of 4000 RPM, Max G force 3160 x G Force. Quasi-axial flow conveyor design. 316 ss rotating assembly & case and cover. P-165, Mounted to a unitized sub-base with vibration isolators. Main drive motor: 40 H.P. TEFC, 1800 RPM, 480 voltage, 3-phase, 60 cycle power required, NEMA-12 enclosure, Reduced voltage starter comes with it. No back drive motor. Removed and ready for loading. Built in 1980 - decanter was rebuilt in 2001. P.125 Gearbox Ratio - Max Allowable Torque on Gearbox 1.72kgf m. Capacity from 13 gpm to 75 gpm depending on viscosity of feed and rpm of motor. Rated at 11 ton/hr at infeed of 10% solids (264 TPD max),

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Item 5350 - Hydrogen Gas Plant 25,000 scfh
Hydro Chem
25,000 scfh

Hydro Chem hydrogen generating gas plant, pressure swing adsorption type. Capacity is 25,000 SCFH. Reformer designed with 8 tubes (6 installed and 2 available) and a ground mounted waste heat boiler. There are 4 psa columns. The waste heat boiler provides approximately 1 ton/hr of steam export at 230 psig. The high pressure gas compressor is a 60HP Gardner Denver. System is still installed. System includes controls, Siemens plc and panel, valves, pipes. Nitrogen is still on system. Built 1977 - Plant idled in 2015.

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