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Item ASV-1 - Demethanization Column & Heat Exchangers
SRS Engineering

Dual pass column for demethanization stripping of biodiesel, under vacuum. Stainless steel shell 304 with 304L tubes. Mfg by SRS - ASV technology (See brochure). Dual pass biodiesel 16 inch diameter stripper column x approx. 27 ft tall, insulated. Approx. MAWP shell side 220 psi, tube side 286 psi. Operated with a design pressure of 50 psi and a working pressure of 5 psi. Was in operation at 42 gpm. Retubed in 1999. Jacketed for hot oil with 10 inch inlet/6 inch outlet. Includes structure. Includes 2 heat exchangers: #1 HEX is Stainless steel shell & tube heat exchanger - used as heater to demethanization column. Insulated. Thermal oil on shell side as heat medium. Approx. size 2 ft dia x 12 ft long (must be verified). #2 HEX is Stainless steel shell & tube heat exchanger - used as economizer pre-heater to demethanization column. Insulated. Approx. size 1 ft dia x 12 ft long (must be verified). On a skid with the heater for demeth column.

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Item E4504 - Evaporative Condenser 10,514sf
Paul Mueller

Shell & tube heat exchanger designed for use as Evaporator Condenser. Built in 2007 by Paul Mueller Company. Size 72" OD x 391" (32.6 ft) OAL. TEMA type NEM. Has 1,785 ss 304L tubes 1.25" OD. MAWP Shell side: 150 psi @ 200 degrees F. Tube side: 50 psi @ 300 degrees F. Has 1,785 tubes at 1.25" OD x 216" long for approx 10,514 sf surface area. Material: shell cs SA-516 Gr 70, tubes ss304L. S/N 366273-13. Empty weight: 50,332 pounds. Built 2007 - never used. Nozzles: See Drawing link. 18 inch cooling water in/out. Tubeside non-condensables 4" inlet, 6" outlet. Tubeside condensables 3" inlet, 6 inch outlet. Also 54" tubeside inlet with 304ss cladding. This is new, never used in original packing crates.

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