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Item PK-2100 - Biodiesel Plant 5 MGY

Biodiesel Plant, complete, for sale as a single entity ? can be moved or run in place. Built by Technochem - now idle. Completely inside a building and is protected with no weather wear. This system has a front end to enable it to run higher free fatty acids (ffa). Front end is caustic primary degumming system with (2) PX30 centrifuges. Biodiesel plant used sodium methylate as catalyst in reactor - and a MAB 206 centrifuge for water wash. There are fifteen 30,100 gallon tanks in the tank farm included. This plant has successfully run feedstock (corn oil) up to a 12% ffa. Sale includes 5.5 acres of land and buildings. See links for more information

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Item 6530 - Hydrogen Gas Plant 90,000 scfh (Partial)
90,000 scfh (tuned/running at 45,000 scfh)

Partial Hydrogen generating plant engineered by Hydro-Chem built in 1980. Design capacity is 90,000 scfh at 200 psig with a purity of 99.99% pure hydrogen - was running on 10 of its 20 tubes for 45,000 scfh capacity. Reformer can be fired on natural gas or propane - same burner. Waste heat boiler generating 3,000 to 5,000 #/hr export steam at 250 psig. PSA plant (4 psa vessels replaced in 1998) with Jamesbury valves kept up to date, Quench pot design. Plant is missing small natural gas compressor, heat exchangers, and pumps. Has new tubes, new reformer and shift converter catalyst. Five (5) spare tubes available. Plant was shut down in mid 2012, and proper shutdown procedures were followed. Reformer tubes are 6.625" OD, 5.25" ID, 30.825" long and made of alloy HP50 (also known as 25/35)

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