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Item 2036 - Votator Shortening System 3000 lbs/hr
Waukesha Cherry Burrell Votator
3,000 lbs/hr

Waukesha/Cherry Burrell 3,000 Lb./Hr. Votator Shortening System, Used. Compact, stainless steel skid piped and ready to install. This skid mounted System has both "A-unit" Scraped Wall Heat Exchanger and "B-unit" Pin Rotor Exchanger, each measuring 6 in. Diameter X 48 in. Long. The "A" Exchanger rated 600 PSI internally @ 100 Degrees F and 300 PSI jacket @ 130 degrees F, National Board and Code Stamped. Manufacturer S/N A6587. "B" Pin Rotor Exchanger rated shell 600 PSI@ 125 PSI, Manufacturer serial number B904, National Board Stamped. The A-unit is designed for ammonia cooling. Ammonia surge tank and valves and piping not included. System has Main Enclosure Control Panel, S/N 19900 and features 200 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Mix Tank (125 psi jacket rated). With Allen Bradley "PanelView 1000" Controller, interconnecting stainless piping, pumps, etc. Last used to make food grade shortening.

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